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Energy storage for the next stage of green

The next stage of electrification requires building long-duration energy storage at breakneck speed. BioZen uses the wisdom of nature to make it possible.

Redox Flow Solutions

Lower your costs and ease production with an electrolyte that’s safe for communities and the environment.

Why BioZen

Bio-inspired efficiency for a truly sustainable grid.

Redox Flow Solutions

A better electrolyte for your business

Reduce costs, improve supply change dependality, and create a battery that’s more attractive to buyers with our patent-pending RedoxolyteTM electrolyte.

  • Utility-Scale: Designed for 8+ hours discharge

  • Significantly lower cost vs. leading RFB electrolytes

  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, ethically sourceable materials are better for the environment & communities

  • Widely-available source materials — eliminate supply chain disruption

Configurable to your battery design

Our product chemistry is atomically flexible to work with a variety of battery architectures. Talk to us about solutions we can provide for your business.

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Why BioZen

Grow a green grid, faster

To meet Paris Climate Agreement goals the US needs 200 gigawatts (GW) of long-duration grid-scale energy storage by 2035.
Today, the US has 1 GW.

To meet demand and ramp up in time, we'll need grid-scale energy storage materials that are quickly accessible and cheap to produce. BioZen is creating those materials — inspired by the most abundant energy storage on earth: green plants.Read our three points below to understand how.

1. Small Batteries Don't Address Big Use Cases

In recent years, we've seen a global revolution in battery power for everything from phones to cars. These batteries use lithium-ion technology. But issues like short-term capacity (think: range anxiety) and flammable chemistry mean lithium chemistry doesn't scale to long-duration, grid scale uses like cities, wind and solar farms, and factories — a huge portion of worldwide energy needs. This is a global challenge, and stands to represent an untapped multi-trillion dollar market.

2. The Best Solutions Must Supercharge Production

The most promising grid-scale alternative is long-duration, safe redox flow batteries, a technology the US Department of Energy has framed as "ideally suited for longer duration (8+ hours) applications."1But today, redox flow batteries' primary energy storage material (electrolyte) — the source of over 50% of their cost — comes from metals like vanadium. While relatively abundant, these metals are still too expensive to meet the global demand for massive battery build-up.To meet the incredible demand, redox flow companies will need a far more cost-effective electrolyte to scale production quickly.

3. Bio-Inspired Electrolytes for the Future of Energy

BioZen is giving redox flow providers a better alternative — inspired by the most abundant and efficient energy producers in nature: Green plants.BioZen mimics plants' organic semiconductors — providing a redox flow electrolyte for a fraction of the cost of vanadium electrolytes.That means ultra-low startup costs to help the green revolution flourish fast. Get in touch below to learn more.

1Source: US DOE Technology Strategy Assessment Findings from Storage Innovations 2030 Flow Batteries July 2023

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Hear how energy storage is changing

The success of renewable and green energy (like wind and solar) requires a diversity of energy storage options — beyond lithium-ion batteries.What will those alternatives look like?Find out on Beyond Lithium, the podcast series from BioZen. Hear from trailblazing energy storage leaders and practitioners as they sit down with Nate Kirchhofer, CEO and Cofounder of BioZen, to discuss the changing world of energy storage — from the science to the business strategy and more.Get a front-row seat to the conversation. Catch Beyond Lithium via the link below.

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